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Name Set Cost Type Rarity Condition Color Price Stocksort descending Add
Callaphe, Beloved of the Sea (Showcase) The List 1UU Legendary Enchantment Creature - Demigod Uncommon NM/M Blue $1.00
(Showcase) Liesa, Forgotten Archangel Innistrad: Midnight Hunt 2WWB Legendary Creature - Angel Rare NM/M Multicoloured $1.49
Skyshroud Behemoth The List 5GG Creature - Beast Rare NM/M Green $1.00
(Extended Art) Temur Battle Rage Commander Legends 1R Instant Common NM/M Red $2.49
Khalni Hydra The List GGGGGGGG Creature - Hydra Mythic Rare NM/M Green $24.99
Gaea's Anthem The List 1GG Enchantment Rare NM/M Green $1.00
Forest Commander Legends Basic Land - Forest Common NM/M Colourless $0.25
(Extended Art) Grafted Identity Innistrad: Midnight Hunt 2UU Enchantment - Aura Rare NM/M Blue $1.49
(Extended Art) Archmage Emeritus Strixhaven: School of Mages 2UU Creature - Human Wizard Rare NM/M Blue $9.99
Petrified Field The List Land Rare NM/M Colourless $5.99
(Extended Art) Wedding Announcement // Wedding Festivity Innistrad: Crimson Vow 2W Enchantment Rare NM/M White $5.99
Deathless Knight The List {B/G}{B/G}{B/G}{B/G} Creature - Skeleton Knight Uncommon NM/M Black/Green $0.35
(Extended Art) Coveted Prize Zendikar Rising 4B Sorcery Rare NM/M Black $1.49
(Extended Art) Burn Down the House Innistrad: Midnight Hunt 3RR Sorcery Rare NM/M Red $1.49
Tek The List 5 Artifact Creature - Dragon Rare NM/M Colourless $1.00
(Promo) Spirited Companion Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty 1W Enchantment Creature - Dog Common NM/M White $100.00
Thick-Skinned Goblin Time Spiral Remastered 1R Creature - Goblin Shaman Uncommon NM/M Red $0.35
(Extended Art) Graf Reaver Innistrad: Crimson Vow 1B Creature - Zombie Warrior Rare NM/M Black $1.49
Hammer of Purphoros The List 1RR Legendary Enchantment Artifact Rare NM/M Red $2.99
(Extended Art) Shatterskull Charger Zendikar Rising 1RR Creature - Giant Warrior Rare NM/M Red $1.49
(Extended Art) Can't Stay Away Innistrad: Midnight Hunt WB Sorcery Rare NM/M Multicoloured $1.49
(Extended Art) Plargg, Dean of Chaos // Augusta, Dean of Order Strixhaven: School of Mages 1R?//?2W Legendary Creature - Orc Shaman Rare NM/M Red/White $1.49
Retreat to Coralhelm The List 2U Enchantment Uncommon NM/M Blue $1.99
Kavu Primarch Time Spiral Remastered 3G Creature - Kavu Common NM/M Green $0.25
(Extended Art) Dig Up Innistrad: Crimson Vow G Sorcery Rare NM/M Green $2.99
Mountain (Full Art) The List Basic Land - Mountain Common NM/M Colourless $4.99
Hundred-Handed One The List 2WW Creature - Giant Rare NM/M White $1.00
(Extended Art) Orah, Skyclave Hierophant Zendikar Rising 2WB Legendary Creature - Kor Cleric Rare NM/M Gold $1.49
(Promo) Infernal Grasp Innistrad: Midnight Hunt 1B Instant Uncommon NM/M Black $100.00
Bone Miser The List 4B Creature - Zombie Wizard Rare NM/M Black $11.99