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Name Setsort descending Cost Type Rarity Condition Color Price Stock Add
Joraga Invocation Magic Origins 4GG Sorcery Uncommon NM/M Green $0.49 10
Knight of the Pilgrim's Road Magic Origins 2W Creature - Human Knight Common NM/M White $0.25 12
Knight of the White Orchid Magic Origins WW Creature - Human Knight Rare NM/M White $1.49 0
Knightly Valor Magic Origins 4W Enchantment - Aura Uncommon NM/M White $0.49 11
Kothophed, Soul Hoarder Magic Origins 4BB Legendary Creature - Demon Rare NM/M Black $1.00 18
Kytheon, Hero of Akros | Gideon, Battle-Forged Magic Origins W Legendary Creature - Human Soldier | Planeswalker - Gideon Mythic Rare NM/M White $5.99 3
Kytheon's Irregulars Magic Origins 2WW Creature - Human Soldier Rare NM/M White $1.00 20
Kytheon's Tactics Magic Origins 1WW Sorcery Common NM/M White $0.25 12
Languish Magic Origins 2BB Sorcery Rare NM/M Black $1.49 6
Leaf Gilder Magic Origins 1G Creature - Elf Druid Common NM/M Green $0.25 10
Lightning Javelin Magic Origins 3R Sorcery Common NM/M Red $0.25 12
Liliana, Heretical Healer | Liliana, Defiant Necromancer Magic Origins 1BB Legendary Creature - Human Cleric | Planeswalker - Liliana Mythic Rare NM/M Black $29.99 7
Llanowar Empath Magic Origins 3G Creature - Elf Shaman Common NM/M Green $0.25 10
Llanowar Wastes Magic Origins Land Rare NM/M Colourless $1.49 9
Macabre Waltz Magic Origins 1B Sorcery Common NM/M Black $0.25 12
Mage-Ring Bully Magic Origins 1R Creature - Human Warrior Common NM/M Red $0.25 9
Mage-Ring Network Magic Origins 0 Land Uncommon NM/M Colourless $1.00 10
Mage-Ring Responder Magic Origins 7 Artifact Creature - Golem Rare NM/M Colourless $1.00 20
Magmatic Insight Magic Origins R Sorcery Uncommon NM/M Red $1.00 0
Mahamoti Djinn Magic Origins 4UU Creature - Djinn Rare NM/M Blue $0.99 14
Malakir Cullblade Magic Origins 1B Creature - Vampire Warrior Uncommon NM/M Black $1.00 0
Managorger Hydra Magic Origins 2G Creature - Hydra Rare NM/M Green $3.99 3
Mantle of Webs Magic Origins 1G Enchantment - Aura Common NM/M Green $0.25 12
Maritime Guard Magic Origins 1U Creature - Merfolk Soldier Common NM/M Blue $0.25 9
Meteorite Magic Origins 5 Artifact Uncommon NM/M Colourless $0.49 13
Might of the Masses Magic Origins G Instant Common NM/M Green $0.25 10
Mighty Leap Magic Origins 1W Instant Common NM/M White $0.25 12
Mind Rot Magic Origins 2B Sorcery Common NM/M Black $0.99 0
Mizzium Meddler Magic Origins 2U Creature - Vedalken Wizard Rare NM/M Blue $1.00 20
Molten Vortex Magic Origins R Enchantment Rare NM/M Red $1.00 21