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Name Set Cost Type Rarity Condition Color Price Stocksort descending Add
(Extended Art) Geistflame Reservoir Innistrad: Midnight Hunt 2R Artifact Rare NM/M Red $1.49
Terminate (Full Art) The List BR Instant Rare NM/M Mulitcoloured $14.99
Pyromancer Ascension The List 1R Enchantment Rare NM/M Red $1.99
(Promo) Silver-Fur Master Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty UB Creature - Rat Ninja Uncommon NM/M Multicoloured $100.00
(Extended Art) Alchemist's Gambit Innistrad: Crimson Vow 1RR Sorcery Rare NM/M Red $1.49
(Neon Blue Foil) Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty 3B Legendary Creature - Ogre Demon Rare NM/M Black $100.00
Saltblast Time Spiral Remastered 3WW Sorcery Uncommon NM/M White $0.35
Dune-Brood Nephilim The List BRGW Creature - Nephilim Rare NM/M Mulitcoloured $3.49
Tree of Tales The List Artifact Land Common NM/M Colourless $2.49
Riptide Laboratory The List Land Rare NM/M Colourless $4.99
(Extended Art) Hiveheart Shaman Innistrad: Crimson Vow 3G Creature - Human Shaman Rare NM/M Green $1.00
Murderous Redcap The List 2{B/R}{B/R} Creature - Goblin Assassin Uncommon NM/M Black/Red $1.49
(Borderless) Cabal Coffers Modern Horizons 2 Land Mythic Rare NM/M Colourless $54.99
(Extended Art) Zagras, Thief of Heartbeats Zendikar Rising 4BR Legendary Creature - Vampire Rogue Rare NM/M Gold $1.49
Vampire Nighthawk The List 1BB Creature - Vampire Shaman Uncommon NM/M Black $1.49
(Moonlit) Mountain #411 Innistrad: Crimson Vow Basic Land - Mountain Common NM/M Colourless $100.00
J?tun Grunt The List 1W Creature - Giant Soldier Uncommon NM/M White $0.35
Fiery Justice The List RGW Sorcery Rare NM/M Mulitcoloured $1.00
(Showcase) Slogurk, the Overslime Innistrad: Midnight Hunt 1GU Legendary Creature - Ooze Rare NM/M Multicoloured $1.49
(Retro) Marsh Flats Modern Horizons 2 Land Rare NM/M Colourless $34.99
Zendikar Incarnate The List 2RG Creature - Elemental Uncommon NM/M Mulitcoloured $1.00
(Extended Art) Sludge Monster Innistrad: Midnight Hunt 3UU Creature - Horror Rare NM/M Blue $2.49
Stasis Snare (Full Art) The List 1WW Enchantment Uncommon NM/M White $1.00
Aether Vial The List 1 Artifact Uncommon NM/M Colourless $44.99
Llanowar Elves Core Set 2019 G Creature - Elf Druid Common Green $4.99
(Extended Art) Hullbreaker Horror Innistrad: Crimson Vow 5UU Creature - Kraken Horror Rare NM/M Blue $17.99
(Extended Art) Light Up the Night Innistrad: Midnight Hunt XR Sorcery Rare NM/M Red $1.49
The Chain Veil The List 4 Legendary Artifact Mythic Rare NM/M Colourless $24.99
Patron of the Valiant Commander Legends 3WW Creature - Angel Uncommon NM/M White $0.35
(Promo) Secluded Courtyard Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Land Uncommon NM/M Colourless $100.00