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Name Set Cost Type Rarity Condition Color Price Stocksort descending Add
(Extended Art) Kargan Intimidator Zendikar Rising 1R Creature - Human Warrior Rare NM/M Red $100.00
Confiscate Commander Legends 4UU Enchantment - Aura Uncommon NM/M Blue $0.35
Burning Anger Commander Legends 4R Enchantment - Aura Uncommon NM/M Red $0.35
(Extended Art) Kaza, Roil Chaser Zendikar Rising UR Legendary Creature - Human Wizard Rare NM/M Gold $100.00
Jalum Tome Commander Legends 3 Artifact Common NM/M Colourless $0.25
(Extended Art) Wandering Archaic // Explore the Vastlands Strixhaven: School of Mages 5?//?3 Creature - Avatar Rare NM/M $100.00
(Extended Art) Wayward Guide-Beast Zendikar Rising R Creature - Beast Rare NM/M Red $100.00
(Extended Art) Turntimber Symbiosis Zendikar Rising 4GGG Sorcery Mythic Rare NM/M Green $100.00
(Extended Art) Seraphic Greatsword Commander Legends 1W Artifact - Equipment Mythic Rare NM/M White $4.99
(Extended Art) Squad Commander Zendikar Rising 3W Creature - Kor Warrior Rare NM/M White $100.00
Ninth Bridge Patrol Commander Legends 1W Creature - Dwarf Soldier Common NM/M White $0.25
(Extended Art) Soul Shatter Zendikar Rising 2B Instant Rare NM/M Black $100.00
Horizon Scholar Commander Legends 5U Creature - Sphinx Uncommon NM/M Blue $0.35
Iona's Judgment Commander Legends 4W Sorcery Common NM/M White $0.50
Fencing Ace Double Masters 1W Creature - Human Soldier Uncommon NM/M White $0.50
Court Street Denizen Commander Legends 2W Creature - Human Soldier Common NM/M White $0.25
(Extended Art) Mavinda, Students' Advocate Strixhaven: School of Mages 2W Legendary Creature - Bird Advisor Mythic Rare NM/M White $100.00
Mindless Automaton Commander Legends 4 Artifact Creature - Construct Uncommon NM/M Colourless $0.35
(Promo) Into the Roil Zendikar Rising 1U Instant Common NM/M Blue $100.00
(Extended Art) Angel of Destiny Zendikar Rising 3WW Creature - Angel Cleric Mythic Rare NM/M White $100.00
Befuddle Core Set 2019 2U Instant Common Blue $0.25
Eyeblight Assassin Commander Legends 2B Creature - Elf Assassin Common NM/M Black $0.25
Bitter Revelation Commander Legends 3B Sorcery Common NM/M Black $0.50
Maalfeld Twins Commander Legends 5B Creature - Zombie Common NM/M Black $0.25
(Extended Art) Throne of Makindi Zendikar Rising Land Rare NM/M Colorless $100.00
(Extended Art) Coralhelm Chronicler Zendikar Rising 2U Creature - Merfolk Wizard Rare NM/M Blue $100.00
Staunch Throneguard Commander Legends 5 Artifact Creature - Construct Common NM/M Colourless $0.25
(Extended Art) Archon of Emeria Zendikar Rising 2W Creature - Archon Rare NM/M White $100.00
Scrapdiver Serpent Commander Legends 5UU Creature - Serpent Common NM/M Blue $0.25
Supernatural Stamina Commander Legends B Instant Common NM/M Black $0.25